Boat Basin chaos post-Sandy, Upper West Side

I walked down the hill to Riverside Park this week kind of expecting worse, boats completely flipped over rather than merely unmoored from crinkled, accordioned boardwalks. The damage was hard to see at first, not as dramatic as some of the photos from the harder-hit areas of the city. But a year ago, a day after Hurricane Irene, this same area was barely touched, with light debris and muddy waters the only sign of disruption. These photos were taken Tuesday; the police haven’t let us back since.


The death of George Whitman, the proprietor of bookshop/intellectual kibbutz Shakespeare & Co. in Paris, should give everyone who reads pause to think about what makes a great bookstore - and, in a time when they keep closing down, where we can even find one.

Great list. I’d add the two locations of Westsider Rare and Used Books — the 72nd Street location especially has an amazing music and music-related collection. It’s a little oasis of what I imagine to be the old Upper West Side amid the new Times Square North atmosphere, and every time I walk past Westsider I’m amazed that the store has managed to continue thriving next to the Trader Joe’s and shiny two-story Duane Reade (with in-store beer bar!).