"Oh Deer."


My friend Cinnamon Willis makes some wonderfully twisted dolls, including this one. I interviewed her for The Billfold about her “Melandollys,” using Etsy, and paying galleries to show her art.

The Hustle of a Doll Maker: A Chat with Cinnamon Willis (The Billfold)

"Literary mystery" in Scotland

Or, someone with a love of books, libraries, mysteries, Ian Rankin, and Twitter has WAY too much time on her hands.

via icgeorge:

"literary mystery" in scotland

Wearable Sculpture: Roberto Capucci in Philadelphia

A short recommendation: if you find yourself in Philadelphia before June 6, save an hour or two for the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s extensive special exhibit devoted to Italian designer Roberto Capucci. This is a fashion exhibit that’s remarkable and accessible even if you’re usually bored out of your mind by fashion.

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