Good (and feminist!) television critics rock

Elements of the show still worked (particularly anything involving the profane, emotionally labile Deb, played by the great Jennifer Carpenter), but the over-all plot had echoes of “fridging,” an Internet term for brutalizing a female character in order to create growth in a male one. (The idiom originated with a Green Lantern comic in which the superhero’s girlfriend was stuffed into a refrigerator.)

I <3 Emily Nussbaum. Casual references to feminist-nerd theory in her New Yorker review of Dexter! Which made me far interested in the series than ever before, though I have a pretty low tolerance for the cable-drama formula of “S/he’s living a boring middle-class American life — with a DARK TWIST.”

More on Nussbaum, predecessor Nancy Franklin, and why women are writing some of the best TV criticism out there in this great Washington Post roundup by Anna Holmes.